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Cheshire East Citizens Advice Bureau North Policies

On this web page you can find out more about our policies on equal opportunities, quality and the environment

Equal Opportunities Policy

We recognises our society is diverse in race, culture, beliefs, sexuality, abilities, gender and age and believe that all citizens should have the opportunity to participate fully in the life of their communities with equal access to services which enable them to do so. We recognise that many individuals' opportunities to participate in the life of their communities may be restricted for a range of reasons including: poverty, discrimination, social attitudes, isolation and the way in which services and facilities are planned and provided. This may affect people in terms of age, culture, disability, economic status, sex, ethnic origin, race, marital status, religion and perceived or actual sexual identity.

We are committed to ensuring, as far as we are able, that we do not limit people's opportunities by how we are structured as an organisation or by how we carry out our work.  We are also committed to choosing to do work which enables increased opportunities for those facing the greatest barriers or restrictions. We are committed to challenging oppression and prejudice and to promoting both diversity and full access to opportunities and services. We seek to use our influence with other organisations both to increase the opportunities for individuals and to challenge anything limiting opportunity. Whatever your experience of discrimination, we aim to provide a service to meet your needs.

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Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

At Cheshire East CAB North we strive to:

Be Client Focussed

  • satisfying our clients needs and expectations
  • only making commitments we fully understand and believe that we can meet
  • meeting all our commitments to our clients on time

Be Performance Driven

  • verifying that our services meet agreed requirements
  • monitoring, benchmarking and continuously improving our business, services, organisation and volunteer and employee performance

Achieve our mission and goals

  • sustain and develop our service growth and benefit to our clients

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Our Policy is to operate in as environmentally responsible a fashion as possible. This means that we will:

  • minimise our energy use
  • increase our recycling of waste systems
  • regularly review our processes
  • and aim for continuous improvement

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